Friday, July 16, 2010

Just A Ramble

Hi friends.
Just sitting at the computer for a minute.
So here are some of my random ramblings......
I have hit an all time new record high in my weight! Duhhhhh... you have seen my food obsession confessions. I think my new obsession has to be healthier food. Better choices. Living cleaner. Knowing I'm going to Trader Joes today is going to make that tough because their chocolate covered caramels are AWESOME!!! (said in a sing-songy voice). (Side note... Monmouth County peeps.. they are opening a Trader Joes in Shrewsbury next to Staples in the fall!!!!!!!!) Anyhoo.... Wish me luck on getting back to basics and eating how I really love to.... Clean, simple and healthy. Should I announce my weight on here? Naaaahhhh... maybe I'll just let you know how I'm doing each week. I have a goal and i"ll let you know how close I'm getting.
So my other rants are...
BP Oil Spill...... Mel Gibson....NJ Housewives... (enough said)
There is a new (to me) web site that is fun... it's called  very fun for shopping. Check it out.
Oh and try this if you're looking for a twist on your Hummus..... Chop up a fennel bulb in big rough chunks and dive in to some lemon hummus.... AMAZING (another sing songy voice) Now that's a healthy snack I can get down with. Something about the licorice and the lemmon... very balanced... and coming from a true libra that means a lot.
Fennel Bulb pictured below.

If any of you have a fun super healthy snack please share them with me. I am serious. If you only knew how good of an eater I am at my core you would be shocked at my diversion.

Ok... I'll be back... thanks for letting me ramble.  xxxo

1 comment: said...

chicken...i make a HUGE container of gazpacho and i snack on that!!! make it nice and spicy and it will kill your tastebuds for the moment. healthy AND refreshing!